How to Prepare Baby for Walking

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Walking is a big part of growing up. It’s more than just getting around. It means independence and makes room for further learning. Before you know it, your little guy or gal will be running all over the house, getting dressed and demanding trips outside. Kids learn to walk at different rates, so don’t pressure.

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10 Gas Relief Tips for Infants

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All babies have to deal with gas; there’s no avoiding it. Their immature digestive systems are still trying to get used all the new sources of food. Baby gas comes from two places: air swallowed during crying and feedings, and (the conventional place) harmless bacteria that breaks down sugars in the intestines. Here are some.

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9 Breast Pumping at Work Tips

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Breastfeeding while working is a whole new ball game for new moms. You’ll have a set of obstacles that you didn’t expect and find yourself considering formula again. Hold strong and remember that you’re doing this for your child. It isn’t impossible to pump at work, but you’ll need some tips. 1. Speak candidly with.

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How to Tell if Baby Has an Ear Infection

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Many children are forced to deal with ear infections. For some kids, they’re a big problem growing up. Every family has a story of one of the kids who had infection after infection. There’s a canal between the middle ear and throat that’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. In a baby’s small head, fluid.

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Changing Baby’s Diaper On-the-Go

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In today’s on-the-go lifestyle, it goes without saying that at some point you’ll have to change a diaper outside of your home. You might be at the park, in the mall, or a friend’s house. In any case, you won’t be in your comfortable setting with all your supplies. Here are some diaper change tips.

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5 Smart Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

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Even if you are a really healthy eater, there are probably times when you’ve noshed on junk food. We all do it! After nine long months of being pregnant, sometimes it feels like you deserve a treat. (Well, maybe it always feels that way…) If you are a breastfeeding your baby, you have to be.

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Mom and Baby Gear to Soothe and Comfort

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In order to project a truly comforting environment, mom needs to be comfortable too. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to motherhood, your baby will sense your unease and your relationship (and baby’s development) could suffer. There are a few products out there that can make new moms (and their babes) more comfortable during.

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9 Common Breastfeeding Mistakes

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For a long time, formula was considered the best option. I think that’s slowly starting to change and more and more mothers are nursing their children again, but it’s left us in a weird situation. Naturally, a new mother will have questions and concerns about breastfeeding, but she won’t find the answers among her family.

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What to Buy for Baby’s Nursery

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Making the nursery ready is a big part of becoming a parent. I remember the days of picking out paint colors and bedding, and arranging the toys so everything is perfect. There’s plenty to buy and you’ll be tempted by some many products to make the room perfect. As a parent, I can you from.

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How to Tell if You’re Ready for Baby Number Two

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Having your first child is typically the greatest moment of your life!  I can remember so much of those first few weeks and it was magical – minus the lack of sleep. As many of you know, being a parent is totally different from being alone. You change as a person after baby number one..

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