How to Help Your Twins Establish Their Own Identity

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As a mother of twins, I know that it’s hard to picture your adorable two-for-one special apart from each other when they’re babies. Twins are born as partners in crime; but as they get older you’ll find more and more that they just want to be their own person. The challenge in raising twins becomes.

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How Music Affects Baby’s Development

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Most of us have heard of the Mozart effect by now. The research behind it suggests that listening to Mozart and other classical tunes can improve mental tasks like spatial temporal reasoning. In turn, Moms everywhere began exposing their babies to classical tunes in hopes of making them “smarter.” Contrary to popular belief, there is.

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6 Tips for Teaching Kids to Count

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Teaching a young child to count is one of the many basic skills you’ll impart before your child starts school. It shouldn’t be arduous, however; try and make it fun. Here are some great ways you can encourage your kids to count. 1. Use Toys If you use your child’s favorite toys in the process.

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Contribution of Play and Toys to Child Development

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It is not said without reason that children (and people in general) learn best through play. From their early days, children should be exposed to different types of toys in order to better understand the world and to learn how to live and behave in society. For each stage of their development, starting from the.

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Breast Pumping 101 for Beginners

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Choosing to breastfeed is one of the many selfless decisions moms make when a baby is first born. Breastfeeding rates increased 77% in America in 2013.If you are one of the moms choosing to make this investment in your baby’s health, kudos! Now it’s time to tackle something a lot harder than it looks: breast.

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7 Tips for Picking a Creative Baby Name

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One of the biggest decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy is a name for your son or daughter. You can’t exactly change your mind a year later. Many parents want a name that is little bit different, but not too different. Here are some ways you can choose a unique baby name. 1. Use a.

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What To Do When Baby is Constipated

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There are so many small issues that parents need to be concerned about when it comes to a baby, and one of them could even arise if they become constipated. If your child is constipated, it can be particularly worrisome due to the fact that they can’t tell you how they feel if there’s any.

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4 Chemicals to Avoid in Baby Furniture

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During the first year, babies spend a lot of time sleeping, which means it’s essential that the furniture they spend that time in is safe. While the government monitors baby products for safety in regards to small pieces and entrapment, they don’t diligently oversee the toxins used to make these products. It’s our job to.

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The Benefits of Attachment Parenting

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Attachment parenting is the idea that by tending to your child’s emotional needs, you can create a more outgoing and secure person. You probably already practice some of the concepts of attachment parenting, like baby-wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and gentle discipline. Attachment parents respond to their child’s needs timely, even the emotional ones. After all, sometimes.

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What to Do When Someone Judges You for NIP (Nursing in Public)

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Even though breastfeeding is a natural part of motherhood, there are still people who disapprove about you doing it in public. Odd, I know. When it comes from strangers, you can easily dismiss it, but such comments are painful when they come from family or friends. When you are faced with someone’s judgment, here are.

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