4 Tips for Moms on Getting and Staying Healthy

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For a mom, getting healthy is a challenge, let alone staying healthy. Once you have your first child it can be hard to get back into the swing of healthy eating and exercise (we can just throw a good night’s sleep out the window off the bat.) You’re often so tired that a quick easy.

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4 Ways to Get Baby to Kick The Pacifier Habit

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Changing your baby’s habits can be hard, especially basic ones like pacifier sucking. At some point, you’ll have to discourage the use of the pacifier. By understanding why your baby is doing something, you can enact a method to change it. Your baby uses the pacifier as a sense of security and comfort, a sleep aid.

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Top Products to Raise Awareness for Breastfeeding Mothers

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August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month (BAM). In order to promote, support and encourage mothers all over to breastfeeding, this campaign educates women on the importance of breastfeeding exclusively for at least the first six months. Research shows that babies are less likely to develop health problems such as ear infections, allergies, obesity (childhood and later.

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10 Tips for Weaning Your Baby From Breastfeeding

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Despite what you’ve read in magazines or seen on TV, most kids wean themselves. They become interested in what others are eating and start to enjoy the tastes, smells and textures of food. If you make these items available, your child will most likely stop nursing on his own. In societies where children are allowed.

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What to Know When Buying Organic Groceries

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Admittedly, organic food is a bit more expensive than food farmed using conventional methods. However, there’s a reason it costs more. It’s better for you! Organic food is worth the price because it’s more nutritious and absent of harmful chemicals. If you’re thinking of switching to organic foods, but worry about the price, know that.

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Tummy Time Play Ideas for Mom and Baby

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Tummy time is a critical developmental tool for babies. Spending time on their stomachs helps them to learn how to roll over, sit up, push with their arms and legs, strengthens their neck, and eventually crawl. However, while some find the experience fun, some babies find the experience uncomfortable. If your child doesn’t like tummy.

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Latest Baby & Children’s Product Recalls

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Keeping baby safe is always number one for a parent.  We never want anything to hurt our baby! Unfortunately, some everyday mom and baby products can be dangerous. If you currently don’t check up on recent children product recalls, you should get in the habit of doing so. Knowing about a recall can be the.

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5 Great Travel Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

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If you’re nursing, you might be a bit anxious about traveling. You’re probably imaging how difficult and uncomfortable it will all be. Your concerns are understandable, but as long you prepare ahead of time, traveling can be a breeze. Here are some tips for nursing while traveling. 1. Find a good pump Another way to.

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4 Summer Entertainment Ideas for Kids

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Summer is here, which means school-aged children will have lots of free time and everyone will be itching to get out of the house. Entertaining your kids and keeping up with their energy can be a challenge, especially if you’re also caring for a little one. If you’re breastfeeding, a large part of your day.

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How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

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After nine long months of being pregnant, you’re ready to lose that baby weight. Even though you are still and inactive while nursing your baby, it actually burns a lot of calories – up to 850 per day! The production and disbursement of your breast milk keeps your metabolism high all day long. You should.

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