4 Chemicals to Avoid in Baby Furniture

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During the first year, babies spend a lot of time sleeping, which means it’s essential that the furniture they spend that time in is safe. While the government monitors baby products for safety in regards to small pieces and entrapment, they don’t diligently oversee the toxins used to make these products. It’s our job to.

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The Benefits of Attachment Parenting

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Attachment parenting is the idea that by tending to your child’s emotional needs, you can create a more outgoing and secure person. You probably already practice some of the concepts of attachment parenting, like baby-wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and gentle discipline. Attachment parents respond to their child’s needs timely, even the emotional ones. After all, sometimes.

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What to Do When Someone Judges You for NIP (Nursing in Public)

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Even though breastfeeding is a natural part of motherhood, there are still people who disapprove about you doing it in public. Odd, I know. When it comes from strangers, you can easily dismiss it, but such comments are painful when they come from family or friends. When you are faced with someone’s judgment, here are.

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5 Chemicals in Commercial Diaper Creams

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Diaper creams, like many commercial products, come filled with chemicals that we’d prefer to keep away from our children. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly abstain from using diaper cream; every baby is going to need it from time to time. Our skin is our largest organ. It protects the inside of our body, but it’s designed.

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20 Breastfeeding Misconceptions

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It seems like the average person doesn’t have a lot of information about breastfeeding.  Here’s a big list of the common misconceptions and the real facts. 1. Many women can’t produce milk. False. The vast majority of women produce plenty of milk for their children, even an overabundance. Low milk supply problems can be overcome..

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Breastfeeding 101: Benefits and 10 Facts for New Moms

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Most veteran moms know all about the facts and benefits of breastfeeding her baby. However, many new moms often don’t know where to turn to find reliable information and often feel overwhelmed by all of the so-called “facts” that are out there. It’s best, of course, to consult with her doctor, nurse and a lactation.

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Potty Training Problems & Road Blocks

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My child refuses to sit on the potty Getting your child to sit on the potty is the first step to potty training. However, for some this is a lot easier said than done. First you will have to figure out why your child is refusing to sit on the potty. Is he afraid? Maybe.

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How to Banish Working Mom Guilt

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Being a mom is a hard job, especially when you also have to work a full time job outside of the home. As many moms now provide the only or primary source of income for their families, they are spending more and more time away from home and less time with the kids. This leads.

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Tips to Help Cope With Acid Reflux in Babies

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Acid reflux (also known as gastro-esophageal reflux) is a very common issue in infants and babies under a year old. In fact, nearly 25% of all children experience it at one time or another. It includes some mild symptoms like spitting up and some serious symptoms, like restlessness, trouble sleeping, abdominal pain, and throat and.

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Awesome Organic Recipes for the Family

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I prefer to live a healthy lifestyle wherever I can. That’s especially true when it comes to the products and foods I offer my kids. Organic cooking is not that much different than cooking traditionally grown foods, you just have to keep an eye on your ingredients. Sometimes you have to make some substitutions, but.

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